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Gentlemen of Printed Pleasures

Things I find sexy (ie: necessary) in a Man include ALL of the following, together, in balanced harmony.
Sarcastic Banter delivered with effortless timely perfection.
Sculpted arms that enable me to feel small and womanly (ie: vulnerable).
Hair on face.
Hair-less body.
Interesting teeth (straight, gapped, crooked… just make em’ different)
Passion for visually stimulating.
Love for music of decades past.
Positive Spins on Negatives Wins.
Sense of self.
That, my friends, that right there is a real man.
Any man that can wear florals like no woman could… pushing all things pretty outside their comfort zone straight into hard, manly, sexy cool. That is a M.A.N.
Balinese batik, Ghanian African Wax, Tribal, South American, Central American, Graphic…. I am not for one team or another… what I do find most pleasing is when all prints unite and stand together on one man. That’s somethin’ right there.
Don’t be weary Gentlemen. Prints bring women pleasure.
Go on.
Stand out amongst a crown of neutrality.
You are special.





























Monsieur Jerome; street style; NYFW





Haider Ackermann, Menswear Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show in Paris




Cool It Off

Ankles sure are the renaissance human parts of the future…hold up this body of mine whilst your delicate bones brush in loving marriage with the hems of my pants.

Ankles beat out the rest of their bodily companions in the season’s trend to “keep those pants cropped”. Those not in the know may think we are waiting for the floods, but pity a fool…. we are simply putting our best ankle forward through these bitter and frigid months. And you know what? wet soggy bottoms do suck, so chop it at the base. Best part of all? One must only shave the ankle and part of the shin/calf. The rest of the leg can officially beast out. Socks, tights, and knee high boots are friends here too… Hip Hip Hooray.

So ladies (and gents) layer heavy around the neck and head (where the body’s heat most readily escapes) and let those ankles bang, baby.

The Turtles Neck

My spirit animal you ask? (or you didn’t… but I want to talk about it)…

I call it a “hortle.”

Cross between a horse and a turtle…. wild and free, fast and ambitious but indeed heavily mixed with that super slow and steady bout’. Turrrrlllle and “Myrtle” (my college nickname) go hand in hand. What’s not to love about a turtle? Looks hard on the outside, but really, inside there, you got one soft and squishy situation. Got layers, us turtles. Wise beyond our years (err, ummm, yes?) and never in a hurry. Ever walk with me in a city? Or even on a country dirt road for that matter…… pace is all the same…. “ba dum a dum a duuum”.  Never seen the use of a hurried shuffle, more of a relaxed sauntering.

Now, the greatest silhouette for the cold months ahead, named after my very own (rather frigid in the winters time) neck… The Turtleneck.

Tightly adorned around every type of humans neck since the 15th century..athletes- boat enthusiasts- naval officers… later, those self proclaimed “academics” started adorning these high necked knits. Following suit? Artists, philosophers,  and the good ol’ feminists made them unisex (bravo, as you always do) and these necks became the smart looking alternative to “tie dressing” for both men and women. Then the little preppy teenage gals got their dirty little hands on them and adopted the “sweater look”. Then there is, of course…. Hepburn, Monroe, Redford, Bacall… the rest is history.

Look at that Turtle. You have won the race yet again. Slow and steady, you have mastered all: the government officials, the thinkers, the crazy artists, the feminists, the teeny boppers,  the fashion icons of the big silver screen….and now? Happily wrapped tightly on every editor and model from NYC to London and beyond. Seems there is no wrong way to wear you either… you diverse little animal you.

Ever seen a hare (also known as ‘rabbit’) do that? Didn’t think so….

View on my loves, view on.

Blur The Lines

“Where to begin”

I won’t begin. I’ll just keep going as if I had been beginning (and hence going) all along.

My life has gone upside down, right side up, side to side… and somehow… right side up yet again. Straight. Linear. A new view presides; steadfast and certain. A view I never knew I always wanted to gaze at for the rest of my days.  Much like these here stripes… seems a dizzy dance from afar, but up close? Just mere lines moving straight, moving forward,  predictable and minimal… certainly certain of where they are going. I’ll say, that’s an ok path… aint’ it?

Giving birth to our son, at home, no drugs… candles lit, music dancing about, Midwife tending, and the Love of my life hand to hand, heart to heart. It is the closest i’ll ever come to another sphere of otherworldly presence, at least before dying. It was both as simple and as complicated a miracle can be… depending on your vantage point I suppose.

I am amazed on the daily… what our bodies as women are capable of. How little me can gain 50lbs, grow a human- push out a human- then provide everything he needs for survival from my own body… might I add, from the once A (-) boobs. Mind BLOWN everyday. I’ve learned that my intuition as a mother has been rooted since birth, just by being a woman, we all have it… however buried. It kicks in hard, and is to be trusted. I give it up to my body and leave this here brain at the back door.

Love. Living with love in every second, for every moment… as present as I’ve ever been.

How this and stripes relate… either you see or you don’t. I somehow see all the resemblance in the world, though that could certainly be the lack of sleep (which also can be related to the wearing of stripes). A “stripe” – once only worn by prostitutes, clowns, and the rest of the damned – filtered on through to the French Riviera, catching the dear and trusted eye of Coco herself. Fast forwardPicasso, Bardot, Warhol… you get the drift. Is this not the cycle of our times? I never thought I would ever be the mother I am now (or one at all for that matter)… but here I stand, head held high in the truest love and devotion I will ever know.

You never think you’d wear it, then you buy 3.

Blur the lines to your liking… chic minimalism- layered with printed chaos- double denim teaming- stripe from head to the toe- colors of the tropics- solely black and white- there really is, so it seems, no wrong way. Just, well… your own way… there you have it: child birthing/rearing and stripes. BFFS.

Much love to you all that have written…  much love.

xx Amy

Truth in Simplicity.

I’ll just start by saying this… I went and had myself a baby. A little Man Cub. A little human. A little creation with the Man I love most in this life. I have been blessed beyond belief with what I never knew I always dreamed of. This is, my friends, why I have been so absent as of late. I am getting on the wagon slowly, and will start by sharing some of the stories I have created for Free People. Love to all.

…”Letting go, weeding out, detoxing… lifting the clutter, debunking the mess. While color and chaos have their own rightful beauty and poignancy, simple… simple is full of power. It allows your soul to shine on through it all.

Simplicity. She is strong. She is elegant. She is full of ease and grace, of confidence and perseverance. It’s no easy task- to master the practice of simplicity- but when we do… we realize that simplicity does not simply mean “simple.” Oh no. Au contraire. Quite the opposite my friends. It embodies supreme sophistication, true excellence, beauty stripped down to its truest form. We see the real, we feel the raw… and we are then able to proceed with the shine of our own worth and intellect. Without distraction, we are left with life’s truest character… honesty….”

xx Amy

My every inch of every being is moving to these words right now….

Magic Happens.

I’ve been on leave.

So it seems. Last November was the last time I hit these here keypads… this happens. Happens every year. I take a drop off the techno and get back to the roots.

Countless new endeavours have arisen in my life- all seemed to bombard me in the same few months time- I’m just now coming up for air to process and place these happenings.

A little help came by way of Mexico. My love and I took 2 weeks to escape, and we did just that.

A place where nothing is impossible, where new instruments are strummed, new chords are hummed, new applications and implications revealed. This is heaven. Pure bliss. As soon as the guards are down, something magical happens. You have freed yourself of all expectation and distant memories, and for me, I ran as a 10 year old girl again, wild and free, through the Pacific shores of Mexico. 1 bag, 4 books, and the love of my life beside me.

Sending you all love and happiest of days.














November is here.

I’m dancin in my socks, sans pants… big sweater hanging low.. fireplace a roarin.

Ahh yes, Fall is official. Holidays are coming… and I’m sliding back and forth on our wood floor on wooled feet warmers with The Band as my backdrop.

Life is good… Ladies (and Gents)… Life is good.It’s about this time…. yes… every time, every year… that I start the search for all things Chunky.The winds come, the rains drizzle, and I… I wrap up tight in large knits. Larger the better, chunkier is preferred. November, time to get heavy.

I’m Not Afraid Of Anything But Fear Itself.

“…There’s a million membranes to break through…”

The Queen B of Rock n’ Roll, of lyrical riff, of poetry that has you thinking harder and laughing louder and smirking stronger than those standing next to her would enable. She defines herself, by herself… strong and confident… and past the I don’t give a fuck attitude… right next to it perhaps… lies purpose and belief. Lives so short should be full of purpose, if nothing else.

A weekend reminder of what badass, genuine, intelligent, true-to-yourself, creative… fearless… what this all looks like. Also… she loves Bob Marley. Happy Friday loves.

– Break on through to the other side….

xx Amy

By Light and Dark…

A few shots taken during the lighter times of day, when you feel like “ahh, I got all day”, when truly… well, you don’t.

Before one can wrap a head around that (let alone your own), night has begun its fall… day has done its dance over the hills…and you are still there pondering on. My golden hour ritual walks with Jhuma the dog and my Love leave me fresh for a good nights rest and easy breathing. Really, take a stroll every night for a week at sundown… what a difference that jaunt makes. Fall is here, leaves beneath the feet.. and that crunch crunch noise just feels right.

Digs in order:

Embroidered Top: Tiger lily

High Waisted Denim/Lennon Glasses/Jewelry: Vintage

Printed Maxi Dress: Kanako Print Maxi

Tall Buckle Boot: Vintagexx Amy

Oh! still wishing it wasn’t final…

Please check out this incredible band Lucius… and this equally wicked single. Its reeeeal good.

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