We’ve been thinking of a good giveaway for sometime now. While items have passed by way of “possibilities”, nothing has really had the “ah ha” effect (and as we all know, thats what it’s all about… a feeling that is unexplainable yet has the power of explaining everything). We knew of our criteria: unique, one of a kind, one size, and completely our style (that’s what a personal blog is for anyhow right?)We are both overly obsessed with ethnic jewelry. Always scouring hole in the wall stores and hidden gems for unique treasures from far off lands. Between the two of us, our accessories collections come from everywhere but here; Nepal, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan. Beautiful handmade craftsmanship with a story behind the piece… what could be better?

Sooo… yesterday we had the “ah ha” moment when our eyes lay on this handmade necklace from Africa. Handmade by the people of the Tuareg tribe in Niger… the color and design took our eyes for a few spins and the deal was done. Here’s this guys (soon to be yours) stats:- Blue Onyx stone with black Onyx beads.- Handmade with hammer and scalpel.- Reclaimed sterling silver is melted down and welded again(the Sahara doesn’t have access to top sterling silver, so they find used and do what they can with it.)- Stone itself is 1.25″ in diameter and 1.5″ high. Entire pendant piece w/silver inlay work come out as 2″ diameter and 2.5″ high.- Black Onyx beaded strands leave it to fall 9″ long.

Perfect piece for layering with long black or silver necklaces… layer, layer, layer.*our style tip with this (if we were to be greedy and keep it): Buy a foot of good quality sterling silver chain and drape layers on the side rings to extend the necklace and give it even more texture.

Next comes the giveaway game rules. What to do if you want this fine number? Simple and easy dear friends. a.) leave and answer for this question in the comments…”you want this to be your NYE outfit centerpiece… how would you style your outfit?”b.) follow our blog (only if you enjoy it, and if you don’t but still want the necklace… we are open to persuasive arguments).

Whoever gets this gorgeous statement piece can then find heaps of suggestions for wearing it… This opportunity will be open until Midnight on Christmas Eve (12/24), we will announce the winner on Christmas day and ship it via priority on the 26th. There you have it folks. Good luck and good night. Peace & Lovexx Amy and Alex**oh, and those little white speckles simply mean our dear friend Cannon needs a lens cleaning.