-The BandOne last shoot before the New Year, and right before Amy shipped off to Bali for some relaxation, meditation, and adventure with her Love. That won’t be me for another two weeks so until that glorious day arrives I’ll be putzing back and forth from the City to the Country for work, doing some much needed organization, and celebrating New Years with my dearest of friends.

Shooting down at Ocean Beach amongst the sand dunes and wind swept grass couldn’t have been a better backdrop for this classic yet funky outfit. Honestly, the hat is what does it for me. The perfect shade of orangy-red so elegantly complimented the mellow colors of this printed frock. Us being us, we chose the last possible day before Amy left to take some shots, leaving the lighting up to San Francisco, which has been nothing but cold and drizzly for the past week. That being said, there seemed something magical about this morning and I almost didn’t want to stop taking photos despite the wind and frost. Maybe it was Amy’s anticipation and enthusiasm for the days to come, or it could have just been that damn hat, either way, I’m starting to consider these to be some of my favorite photos to date. Hope you enjoy lovelies and have a brilliant New Years!

Vintage fedora and H&M dress both from Painted Bird, denim jacket from Wasteland, snakeskin “wet” legging from AA, an oooold pair of Steve Madden boots rescued from the depths of our closet, Turquoise necklace by Maya Rowland.

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy