Happy 2010 my loves! I’m hoping everyone was able to bring in the New Year happy and in peace, with high hopes for 2010. For many that surround me I know this new year will bring about great changes and I’m excited to witness the growth and prosperity that is to come! I am so grateful for the past year, the past few years actually, and the people that have kept by me, encouraged me, supported me, and lifted me to the moon (or so it feels), I really could not have done it without any of you! Here are a few shots from my NYE, I spent it joyously and merrily with plenty of randomness and debauchery in tow…exactly the way I like it! Our beautiful friend Jessica was my wingman for the evening and I’m thinking I should dedicate this post to her. As of the end of this month, Jess will be headed down to Argentina for a year to teach English and finally fulfill her dream of living and learning in Buenos Aires, something she’s been contemplating since the three of us (Jess, Amy and I) visited BA almost three years ago.

Here’s hoping everyone can be like Jess and muster up the courage, despite whatever self doubt you may have or people in your life telling you can’t/shouldn’t, and just go for it. A new decade has begun and there is no end to the possibilities!

Ps. Amy was sorely missed on NYE but an email from her just confirmed what a magical time she is having in Bali and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her very soon!

Originally, Amy was planning on wearing this vintage blue suede dress for New Year’s, but after leaving the country earlier than expected she passed this impeccable number on to me. One of us had to take this baby out for a spin and New Year’s turned out to be the perfect evening for a dress like this. Unfortunately I did not have my usual photographer on hand, plus I probably would not have stood still for a shoot that evening, so these photos do not do the details of this dress (sweetheart top with princess lined boning and a cinched V waist, oh my) justice! I wanted the dress to stand on it’s own so I ended up keeping the outfit simple with a few layered necklaces, a simple black oversized blazer, black opaque tights and a pair of black strappy Dolce Vita wedged booties. We might just have to take some detailed photos on a separate occasion. Oooh and one more thing! I was thrilled to meet a dear friend of Jessica’s, Andrea Dicenzo who is a brilliant American gal studying photography in London. We’re hoping Andrea will take some shots for us in the near future but until then take a peak at her website.

Xx Alex