Like every morning for the past week and a half, I awoke this morning to the sounds of howler monkeys, exotic birds and the warm/salty Pacific beckoning me to take a dip. We’ve been bad bad bloggers lately but can you blame us? Amy being in Bali and I in Costa Rica, we have both succumb to the simplicity and spontaneity that traveling brings, not to mention having been completely consumed by the immense beauty of culture and landscape that each country has to offer. Needless to say blogging has taken a back seat, in fact normality and the day to day of city life, work, school has drifted away and been replaced by a sun, sand and a strong desire to give it all up for la pura vida. Here are a few photos we shot down at a cold cold Ocean Beach. Bundled and still freezing, forgive me for the stern facial expressions, my only excuse is my day dreaming of the warmth that now embraces me.

Xx Alex