oooh heeeeey friends. I’m currently in a hazy sedated trance, a state that the normal human could easily achieve by overdosing with vicodin and gin. I however have found the natural path to such gleeful delirium: 24 hour plane flight, no food, crazy skin disease from foreign soil and uncomfortable underwear (I usually am so good about this). Pair the preceding variables with: leaving in the afternoon from 85 degree sunshine with 75% humidity and arriving the same night (16 hr difference) in rainy, cold, dreary San Francisco. There you have it… don’t go tell just anyone though; it was quite a long road finding this secret and I have decided to share it only with those I care about most. You. oh, I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO (I had to throw that in there for good measure… though I really wish my skin was still being heavily kissed by that aggressive Balinese sun.)I have spent the last 24 days in heaven. I knew heaven on earth existed… so lucky to have experienced it at such a tender age. My reality this past month has been far removed from the world I regularly live and work. Yet, maybe not how one would think… and I am always reminded of this when traveling outside of comforts. Its not the relaxation that was astoundingly different, both Alex and I have managed to tackle plates full of otherwise stressful tasks while focusing on relaxing and enjoying the ride… or else why do it. No, not the relaxation that was life altering or even the appreciation for life and beauty that many gain while traveling (of course its always enhanced). What I realized most is how much I love my life here, “here” being “me”… wherever I am is home, and home must always remain a happy peaceful place for both refuge and inexhaustible possibility. How lucky I am (and I know Alex is right here with me on this one) to be surrounded by beauty, inspiration and opportunity everyday. Bali gave reflection and true “me time”… though that was shared with “we time” seeing as I went with my love.

I have heaps and heaps of photos and haven’t even begun the process of downloading. That would make reality far too clear and I’m pretty happy living in memories for a few more days. Bali post will come at a later date…. promising some real goodies. Now… these photos. Alex took these [..pause]…. Alex. God damn I miss her. Get yer pretty lil self home already… I need to wallow with you for a good few hours and then plan our next road trip. She took these down by the water with a superb view of our humble little city bridge. I am wearing a new favorite; a vintage dress I found on Haight street… silk red giraffe print, banded drop waist… what’s not to love. An essential in both humid Bali and frigid SF winters. Can’t wait to visit all my favorite blogs… I have missed you and your daily creations quite a bit.

Xx Amy Alex- just in case you can’t tell… I’m pretty damn excited to see your tanned face because mine has sadly peeled off.