Last night a homeless bum dashed towards my car as I was driving. Naturally my first thought was that I had no change… I should always carry change for SF coffee shops that don’t take the damned plastic. Followed by… how does this man have so much energy? look how fast he is. I should exercise more. I should get a coffee. I don’t have any change.By the time I admired both his two piece suit and agile athletic abilities he was already at my window, where he (kindly) shouted…“your going the wrong way on a one way… also, your lights are off…”Was that a smug “under” in his “tone”?

I wish I could follow this by saying this man was on a severe acid trip and was all mixed up… sadly he was quite accurate.

Nice.Soooo, that sums up yesterday.

Moving on.

I bought this book for my Father as a Christmas gift. I recently went home to see the fam and finally got a chance to swim in the images and quotes. Alex and I look through these and transport ourselves through our vivid imaginations and great desire; but my father, He turns these pages with real memories; this was his life.While Alex and I didn’t know each other until our teens, we were raised on a parallel plane. We both grew up running around music festivals in big open fields framed by large Redwoods. Dancing (usually naked to my recollection) with our parents and watching different bands jam out in the middle of nature. This was our norm. How can we not be eternally grateful to our parents for giving such a gift?

I’ll consider this post a dedication to him; for instilling an insatiable appetite for music that will always remain rooted in good classic beats and solid lyrics.

And Alex, I’m not leaving out your moment of glory from this morning (pretty much sums up our relationships with our cars and driving)…“Shit, I’m in a ditch. I’m confused.”Road Trip?*We thank all of you that take the time to appreciate our words and images… 100 followers as of today. Incredibly thankful that we can openly share ourselves and our life with you and you with us… blessed 🙂Giveaway next post… stay tuned.

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy