Lady Caftan (see here) has found a new home! Carey from Corks+Caftans has been the lovely recipient of our most recent giveaway and we couldn’t be prouder of Lady Caftans choice (she was A.


A.N.T!) Could we blame her? Her mind was set after the first three sentences; there was no turning back after Carey delved into the depths of her nostalgic past… Carey’s entry as follows…“My favorite era is mighty hard, given how well current designers are reinterpreting the styles of the 70s in new, purposeful ways. But, there, I said it: I long for one era, and one only: that would be the first 3 years of the 70s—to be specific. 🙂 Eric Clapton had finally given up on Pattie coming back to him (even though he’d “crawl across the floor to [her]”), Duane was gone, Hendrix was gone, and like the eye of a hurricane, things were slowed but on the verge of change; constant, idle, change. CSNY had rocked out as a supergroup, then splintered off to have successful solo careers. Bond’s ‘Live and Let Die’ rocked our socks off with one majorly sexy afro. Badass Chevy Chevelles roamed the streets. Need I say more?

How would I wear this? I just got butterflies: distressed, cuffed black leather shorts, grey fringed moccasin boots, a white tank bodysuit (just to let her shine), and an open bottle of Heineken. Casual, backstage style that gets a dose of femininity from the caftan. A little medicine pouch on a cord around my neck with a lock of Chris Robinson’s hair in it. Can we do a giveaway for that next?”a few of our favorite looks from Carey…

We love Carey. I mean, really. No, we have never met. We visit her blog on a daily… our ritualistic fix of honest words, beautiful style, witty puns and lovely love. If you haven’t found this gem, do yourself and everyone else a favor: go. go now. Corks+Caftans. Carey was kind enough to answer a few of our wonderings… you’ll surely enjoy. _______________________________________________________________________________________If you could invite one designer, one artist, one musician and one writer to put in a room and have a meal with… who would come? who would be eating what?The lovely Vena Cava ladies, Lisa and Sophie, photographer Larry Sultan (it would take some serious voodoo to get him there), Rod Stewart, and Bret Easton Ellis. Lisa and Sophie would be eating Swedish Fish while being photographed by Larry, who would eat a turkey leg after having waved it away 3 times. Rod would be too busy trying to seduce the ladies to eat, and Bret just doesn’t—he pops pills. Oh man—what a lovely mess that would be. – When and why did your love affair with the Caftan start? How does Rob feel about this rather “ill” fitting loose silhouette? My mom had this empire waist, flowing dress with a wide, 5-lb rhinestone beaded bodice she’d worn in a beauty contest in Hawaii when she was a teenager—that’s when I fell in love with volume. Later, in my teens, I kept a scrap of a magazine page of a woman in a vintage caftan, and they’ve been on my radar ever since. I always loved the way a caftan tends to dictate to you how you’re going to wear it, even how you’ll move when you wear it. Your figure may get swallowed up in it, but so does everything else—inhibitions, discomfort, indifference. Rob appreciates things that take courage to wear, and sees the dichotomy of the caftan: you may be hiding, but you’re making a hell of a statement in doing so. But you’re right—most men don’t! But that’s what high slits are for…– How can you convince Amy that cats are cool? The impossible task! People get more amped about cats v. dogs than politics, I swear. I love both dearly, but there’s something about a cat—like the girl at school who was a stone cold fox. You can’t quite figure her out. And they are freaking covered in soft fur!!! I’m a tactile person, I could pet a cat all day long.– Proud to be an American? Absolutely. (Even though Rob and I periodically talk about moving to the wheat fields of Southwestern France… oh, the sounds there!) Maybe I’m blissfully naive, but go to a tiny gas station in west Texas, meet a parking attendant in Chinatown, buy a Coke in a bait shop in the Florida Keys—there’s this inherent goodness in people, despite all our differences. This dysfunctional family of a hundred different origins, all bold and outspoken, all just trying to make it. It’s the moments between the slogans and the Grand Canyons that are so real, you know you could spend a lifetime exploring and never soak it all in. What a great damned country.– Now… tell us all the fun we’ll have when we all hang out…Can you even imagine?! We’d have to pick a destination first. Then, get a hold of that bus you mentioned, thousands of CDs, throw in a few open containers, and we’d laugh, DJ, and photograph our way down the open road. That is, of course, after you show me around all the amazing vintage shops and record stores in SF :)Love you guys. Seriously. Thank you, Interwebs, for leading me to Alex and Amy. (are we egoists for swooning over these lines? we don’t really want you to answer that.)

Xx love from San Francisco Alex and Amy “As long as I can keep doing what I’m doing and creating what’s in my head- I think ill be good”- Beautiful Losers.