A casual outfit post for a casual Wednesday Thursday? (damn Time… your merciless). We spent the afternoon doing…? Oh right, curing our beaten bodies from the poison we so happily gulped away the night before. It’s inevitable. Happens every time. You see, we aren’t the “go out and have ten cocktails” kind of girls (no offense if you are, get it while the gettin’s good, or something like that). Our perfect evening usually involves wine or a drink at home while getting our hands dirty in paint, fabric, and unnecessary projects that are deemed top notch priority for the evening (always re-evaluated the next day). So… when we do go out, it’s for music. Live Music people. Not that shitty top 20 played on overly based speakers in a stinky thick nightclub. Get us on the dance floor with a good reggae band and “no” to that “one more?” question is inevitably always “yeeah, why not eh?” The next morning we must meet again- our new selves, the selves we so haphazardly created the night before. It’s never pretty, and we are unfortunately stuck with them till the wee hours of the night… So, its here that we sit now, needing to have a toast to something a little more bright. Leather. Yes. Always. A few looks from the past week that we were able to snap- and now share on this pitiful night.  While catching up on episodes of LOST… Alex unintentionally reveals the void of her former self; put in place with an Alex that doesn’t in fact understand English-“Wait WHAT did he say?”I look at her confused… I think John Lock simply said something quite ordinary like “don’t” or “do you have a problem”… I shake my head.“Do you want me to turn up the volume Alex?”No. I mean, I can hear them… I just can’t understand what they are saying.”“right”“yeah”later followed by… while Alex is questioning the reason of photographing a particular peculiar carrot that we just met  (it’s been living in our fridge for nearly a week, we are horrible hosts really)… I answered her this..”because who wouldn’t take a photo of a phallic vegetable?” -totally normal.

You?Tomorrow will soon come. Until then, we justify all our actions by these great words of Kurt Cobain.If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to ask someone else first.”Alex (top images)wearing: shoes: vintage, hat: urban, leather jacket: june, t-shirt: vintage Bob Marley & Wailers, riding pants: zara. Alex (second image) wearing: coat vintage, lace victorian top: vintage, leather skirt: vintage, shoes: we who see. Amy wearing: lace top: vintage, leather jacket: vintage, loooooong scarf vintage, navy skinny twill pant: zara, grandpa shoes: bernardo.