We are Here- You are HereWelcome to our abode lovelies. We’ve received some questions regarding our home decor choices, favorite pieces, so on and so forth. Here’s round one of our home… still much to be photographed (Alex’s Bedroom, Closets, Art Studio and Land) but this will get it rollin’.welcome home ladies[brass wall hanging]

peace sits below this antique round clock… we never use clocks but its pretty and that’s all that matters; oh, and the reminder that we don’t give a damn about what it’s telling us. “hurry“… “shut up, look pretty”

remain calm… original print by beautiful artist friend Deb.

our fig tree- I need not say more. 

    Hey Serenity”                                           “Hello Stern”

we bought two 5X7 Turkish Rugs from Anthropologie and turned them into pillows to throw around the house- perfect marriage of color, pattern, and comfort. 

hand carved antique chair that we rescued and reupholstered- she’s the favorite pick of the bunch.

all thrifted; under $30 for all 3 pieces…

woven textile wall hangings.

one of my absolute favorite pieces of Alex’s…. all dots. [Dizzy Gillespie]

best gift (besides the trip to Bali) this year from my love…

fans of hoarding way too many shells…. everywhere. 

Red holds important things that we usually forget about…[insert keys] 

pretty little boxes for pretty little treasures.

walls are for adorning favorite images…

this clock has also never “ticked” or “tocked”… but it’s message lives on.

bedside tables are quite personal.

                            mom in the early 60’s.                                  


I saw a witch doctor the other night.no longer eating grains or meat. one month test. Goodnight. “Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest.”-Friedrich Nietzsche

Xx Amy  [what’s with all the white space at the top of this post? Blogger won’t tell me… I’m not very stoked when it plays tricks]