Though drops of rain still happily continue the dance and prance; I must still feel Spring has not left my step. Yeah sure… wellies and hoodies still adorn the body.

Waterproof mascara is still next to the essential toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap… I haven’t spent money at a car wash for weeks… None of these hard facts stop my innate intuition of what’s to come. Can’t hide from me. I’ll transplant these flowers in the wetness.

I’ll dry my clothes on that line with brilliant thoughts of sunshine alone.i’ll ice this tea so damn cold my tooth may just get an ache. You’re right at my fingertips.

Spring- won’t you stop oppressing your greatest, dearest, most loving comrades? It must be exhausting living in Winter’s shadow… but I, I have faith in you. Outshine Winter (no one really wants him around anyways… really I’ve asked everyone)divulge our (your loyal patrons) senses in all your glory. Enough is enough… and enough is right about now. During a recent visit to Say Mayday (quite possibly the most satisfying blog I’ve found) infatuation hit hard while viewing a feature on photographer Li Hui. Stay a while… then go check out the rest, it was a hard and grueling edit.

If you have the time…

Watch the entirety of the documentary film “Beautiful Losers”… if not, watch this clip. Not enough time to watch this clip? Forward to 7:27 and watch to 9:07…. insight into the artists dilemma(i.e. mind). No time for any of it? I’m sorry but, you shouldn’t be wasting your time here. ” And I know some people think it’s dumb to paint, but you know what? that’s cool, cuz some people think it’s dumb to like do everything…”So much love for all of you. 

Xx Amy