“love comes in all shapes and sizes”… This god damn cliche is true! You know what else? Love can make you feel. This crucial reminder comes to me dressed in red leather with splashes of turquoise atop floating fringe and shoulder strap ease… it slyly slipped in “handmade in Africa” during our rendevous yesterday. MINE. This love thing really is a delight. Just in time for festival season… sheer maxi dresses, no shoes and a big floppy hat. [Heart palpitation occurs at this very thought].”Love is not just gazing at each other but looking together in the same direction.”also… please note why dermatologists love me [i.e. $$$]… addicted to sunshine + “disneyland for moles” skin. It’s cool though… I like spots and I don’t have to buy as much animal printed shit.

wearing: vintage hi-waisted linen pant. urban outfitters nighty top. assorted vintage jewelry. leather fringe bag made by the Tuareg people in Africa (mostly Northern Africa).

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and AmyWhat instruments are they missing? Alex is a wicked whistler (I have yet to learn, on my list next to “learn how to swim”)and I could get down on some harmonica action. For now, we listen and watch these magical beings whilst dreaming about the festivals ahead of us. First up? Coachella…. and yep, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros will be gracing us.

Significance in this song.love you all.