Yeah, it has been a while. We last spoke during the usual pre-emptive high we get right before a bad ass festival, a full week later and we’re still buzzing off 95 degree weather and Fever Ray beats pulsating our senses…we’ll just continue where we left off. Carey of Corks+Caftans made a crucial addition to the festival checklist: wet wipes. We got her reminder message just in time. Saved our lives. End of story. The 13 hour drive to Indio from our Redwood nestled studio was no easy feat. Dreams were had by the both of us and then shared aloud before falling back to that special roadway slumber (it’s so deep and peaceful isn’t it?) Thankfully our fleet of guardian angels were paid overtime and we floated along the highway through the early morning. A few hours sleep before getting in the madness line. Despite the mayhem of waaaaay too many people, we effortlessly found the other half of our team… lovely Aussie born/now living in NY friends Mikey and Mike. a.) set up tent. b.)hurried a few dozen gulps of ice cold vodka+gingerale down zee throat. c.) off to get the music mixture churning. A few shots from our Coachella journey:

yo… the good morning crew. 

A little side note for Coachella 2011:Why did you go and change everything that made sense? No single day ticket options? Added camping? Selling 30% more (i.e. far too many) tickets make it quuuuuiiiite difficult to see the acts we paid ($$$) to see. Please, learn from your mistakes(greed never leads to good) and serve the people that love the damn music. Common Man, it’s all good… we’ll be back. [everything worn that weekend is vintage including accessories.] ALSO:Please check and support our style feature/contribution to San Francisco Indie Fashion… we strolled the festival snapping our top picks of other fashion festie digs… you’ll surely enjoy SO CLICK HERE and leave some looove.

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy