Someone is going fishing in my intellect… have you ever felt as so? You know, spears hitting the insides of your temples every so often… and just as you have a brilliant thought (or any at all for the matter) it’s caught and eaten up by drunk fisherman trying to stay away from the nagging wives? Piercing. Unwarranted. Good morrow to me [insert grimaced eye squint]. Hope the days catch won’t be worth a second trip…(the coffee is ready as we speak and I am… at peace.) Focus. A few things that I can remember long enough to share with you. We are working on a very exciting project with Photographer Nina Robinson (, a lovely woman with a like-minded eye. She just shot The Dead Weather and The Black Keys for Nylon Magazine… in short, her train is a movin’ and we’ll be on board for a bit. Alex and I are hand making many of the items for the upcoming shoot… hands are engaged, minds are buzzing, feet are tapping, arms are yo-yo-ing, hips are oscillating… these are the norms when the two of us start any creative endeavour. That brings us to The Music. We’ll flip through anything throughout the day. Otis Redding and Al Green, Brett Dennen and Amos Lee, Pretty Lights and Beats Antique. LCD Soundsystem, ED Sharpe, Florence and The Machine, Lykki Li, Miike Snow… Shaky Hands…. but what reeeeallly gets us moving are the goodies from the good times.

Amy is wearing all vintage… accessories, scarf, tunic(footstool and records).

Oh Happy Day! We’re feeling a Giveaway may be coming soon…

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy