You know when life just decides to spew prolonged goodness all around? That’s where we have been… busy just being happy. A constant” pleased with life” state takes quite the balance. Fear not, we’ve found our way.  Stretching it out, really taking a look around, and doing what seems most fitting for the moment.  Music. Art. Sun. Soil. Our mendo family (dearest friends since grade school).  Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros lured us Southbound on Highway 1 for the brilliant marriage of old growth redwoods and real, talented, uplifting musicians. Beautiful people. Each member of the 10+/- band were equally gifted in they’re instrument of choice. A speedy straight shot there lead to an a small gathering of fans drinking local ales under a grove of Redwoods. This is what a performance should feel like… pure magic. We left the Henry Miller Library leisurely the next day, winding through the hills and bluffs of Northern California’s coastline; playlist en tact and routine beach stops for temporary cool offs. 

Big Sur, CA.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.  See Amy’s contributing photos to Glide Magazine . Read the Interview  HERE. It’s a goodie. 

One day comes once in a year… it came around again. The 18th of June marked another tally on this sweet little life of mine. I’m not keen on birthdays.  Alex and I usually celebrate by getting swamped on greyhound cocktails and swaying our hips to some good live sounds somewhere small and uncrowded. I usually make the mistake of expecting family to remember (they never do) and hear from slews of peeps I haven’t spoken to in ages (or at least since my last birthday). This year though, perfect timing graced us with it’s precision and the first day of  Sierra Nevada World Music Festival landed atop this celebratory occasion (our favorite festival of the season). Every gift I received was handmade with genuine thought and care (lucky to have such talented people in my life) and the rest of the weekend was flooded by friends and faces we’ve been close to since our single digit age; we danced away three days and nights to roots reggae and world jams.  Sierra Nevada World Music FestivalBoonville, CA. June 18-20th

[nicknames accompanying this outfit: inspector gadget. sherlock. trench coat mafia. blues brothers.] 

Photos: Lauren Goodman

photo: Z. Schlosser. One last note.

You remember the all vintage/all nature editorial we spoke of last post? Teaming up with Photographer Nina Robinson for a brilliantly long day of creation ended up paying off. CHEW Magazine picked up the full spread for the August issue!

PLEASE: friends, family, strangers, foes… in whichever form you come, head over to CHEW Magazine, subscribe, and let us know what you think when the August issue is released!

Sooo Happy. 

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy