It’s heeeere. The August issue of CHEW Magazine is available to view and download online.

Hopefully you are already gone, clicking that little beauty of a link straight off the bat… if not, we’ll be happy to expand on reasons for viewing this fine magazine.1.) Contributors from all over the globe cover fashion, music, design, art, photography… a treat to the eyes and mind.2.) Our all vintage shoot is a featured editorial spread! “Slip Into Natural”…. Our goal as stylists (and everything we make and “do” for that matter) is to promote local business as well as link global communities together, bridging necessary gaps in modern consumption.  All the clothing in this shoot is recycled; vintage or thrift. The jewelry is from around the world via Ananse Village, a business dealing in fabric, housewares, jewelry and music from artisans around our planet. Last touch… the picked-from-the-earth, handmade headpieces by yours truly.  The day of hiking and jumping fences unfolded without a hitch. Quite elated CHEW has chosen to showcase the results. To view the full spread, as well as the entire Africa Issue of CHEW, you will need to create an account (an email address and password are all that is needed). Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. A teaser….

Aaaaand, since the blog posts have slowed due to an extreme increase in long summer days and 5 day music festivals (adding the prep and recovery time), the usual style/outfit photos we take have transformed to in the moment candids of laughter and sweet dance moves with family (also known as friends).

A snap (or five) from our 4th.10am Mimosas with the team jumps kicks our day in high gear. The 4th means hugs… lots of em’… and let me tell ya, when we give a squeeze we give it our all. It’s an exhausting day really. The legendary untraditional American parade (“Seaweed Fashion Show” float with local beauties dawning strategically placed seaweed swimsuits, and the ever present slew of anti-war floats to name a few) is only half of it… we leave the rest of the day up to our dancing feet [SPOTLIGHT dirty festival ridden feet].

dancing these warm days away…. no, don’t go.

Xx Amy and Alex