We haven’t posted images that move our senses in quite a while. Come across em’, think… “that’s beautiful”, drag to desktop folder, keep them all to ourselves. So Sorry. Mornings start with dear friend French Roast and his sidekick Agave… we usually set shop with equally addictive Say Mayday. Thank you once again for supplying your loyal readers with poise and brilliance. Them Rag. A new online art and style magazine produced by Them Atelier credits these images to the new issue released a short while ago. If you like these… the entire issue will have you light as a feather; easy and relaxed. Better than valium and a shot… I attest.   …  usually i’d have the luck of finding these while sitting in the window seat of our old (but dearly missed) San Franciscan flat… feeling all nostalgic for Northern California fog (yes, you can go more North than SF) and the dramatic cliff scapes that are so unique to our home. BUT. Ha. I am Home. I took a walk. Found myself living the dream editorial I was just lusting over.”this land is our land…” [humming to myself and French Roast]Alex is that you? Is that me? No, right right. Those are indeed 6 foot supermodels that get paid to wear pretty clothes and take impeccable photos. Eh. Nonetheless, these photos are pretty telling of our environment as of late. Enjoy the beauty you pretty things. 







On another note, I just returned from Reggae on the River (Alex was a key ingredient missing this time round)… an amazing festival situated on the Eel river in bundles of trees topped with thousands of reggae skankin’ peeps.

Whether you move to this type of music or not, it is essentially the soul of Alex and I’s musical exaltation. A few samples of our favorites if you care to take a dip… This last video is of particular importance. Sugar Minott was on the lineup for Reggae on The River… one of the artists I was most looking forward to seeing. He died on July 10th at the age of 54 (the cause is still undetermined.) His music is outstanding, a musician and producer that will surely be missed in Reggae Music. NY Times Dennis Hevesi, “Jamaican singer whose joyful, lilting voice bridged four decades of transformation in reggae music.” This song, Mr. Dc, is one of his earliest recordings. Early 70’s Jamaica… Enjoy.