There’s proof in the pudding.

I’ve gone off grains.

Camera however, seems to have suddenly overdosed.

They do say (“they” being all those damn health crazies) that gluten- wheat- grains…and everything else you eat three times a day that really holds taste creates a less sharp You. Ahh, ta da. This myth of unclarity proven clear.

Feeling like the last Summer days are among us. Holding on to each like the last ten pages of the best book I’ve ever read. To cry or laugh? Not sure… perhaps both. Spending these last days using the hours in the day to just be… writing on the bluffs, practicing harmonica…i’m no good yet, but soon my dear friends… soon i’ll be able to wail with the amateurs. I know… setting sky high goals is the first step to the twelve step of bountiful success. I’ve never asked for much. A few shots from a lackadaisical Sunday of strolling, strumming, humming and scribbling. Living in a renovated water tower for 4 months annually is a must.

It feels wrong to wish you a happy Monday (tis an impossible task for many) so I bid you happy happy hours this fine evening. A little drink will bring you to Friday in no time.

Xx Peace & Love

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