A little local flavor for those hungry for some real panache. Shot in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park… Stylist Sharon Maloney and Photographer Rus Anson come together to create their own Impressionistic take. Golden Gate is home to the De Young Museum… which is, by no coincidence, featuring exhibit Birth Of Impressionism. The two, along with Prop Stylist Rosy Fridman, pay homage to one of my (and no doubt the rest of the world’s) favorite artistic/musical/literary styles… Impressionism. Indeed.   These particular 19th Century artists, living in Paris, broke the damned rules. Finally taking the palettes and canvases out of the studio (enter: plein air), and focusing on the general composition of light in all it’s relation to movement and time. Screw the details of realistic renderings. Please the eye while giving deeply to the soul of the viewer.  Correct proportions. Appropriate use of color. Use black. Smooth. Shaded. Blended. Accurate. As it should be.

Recreating reality… takes talent, sure… gives interest… surely not. Freedom.”The art of spontaneity.” Degas, Monet, Manet, Renoir… you need not be an art junkie to recognize and give the head nod (you know the magnitude of this nod, don’t you?) to these 19th Century rebels who then gave way to the freeing literary and musical forms of impressionism; enabled to give priority to exploring the unexpected movement in the everyday over the strategic scheduling of time bouncing around in a predictable cage. Rus is, like I have mentioned before… insanely talented. Determined, professional, down to earth… born with the eye. I had the pleasure in styling with her on these shoots… here and here. A behind the scene video documenting the brilliance of each individual involved. Standing ovation in order.

Behind-the-Scenes at Our September 2010 Fashion Shoot from 7×7.com on Vimeo.

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I’m off. Seeing this exhibit for myself today (last day is Monday), and swooning to the melodic tunes of Vetiver on Sunday. A happiest of weekends indeed. Love to you all.

Xx Amy “What I am after is the first impression – I want to show all one sees on first entering the room – what my eye takes in at first glance.” -Pierre Bonnard *one last thing… I know it’s been ages since Alex and I picked out our favorite vintage garbs and took it to the trees for some snaps to share. Soon come dear friends, soon come. We have heaps of goodies to share.