The 100th post.

Does everyone with a blog play tribute to this very occasion? I’m not sure. Not sure I care. I looked at the dashboard. “106 posts”… huh. Naturally I was going to do a “Happy 106” until I then realized many of these supposed posts were mere drafts in disguise. Sneaky rats.


Mmmmm hmmm… back at that ever confident digit that holds the power of three. And you thought double digits were cool? Shhiiiiiit. Remember the feeling? Finally being able to say [head held high, chest puffed] with GUUUUSTO… “I’m fucking 10 years old.” What a feeling. Digits… they do something to humans. Moving from single to double, double to triple… that’s really something right there.  One Hundred: a number everyone seems to think is important.[I don’t.]I’m just using it. That’s me… a user, a taker… I suck at the royal tit, enjoy to the last drop, jump on my high white horse and gallop away… “whhhaaa haaa haaa”. Guilt free nonetheless.  I use only for good reasons… yes, a patron of sorts. Here I use our 100th post Birthday as an excuse to slap the favorite style shots we’ve put on here during our interweb/blogging existence. 
















Thank You… yes You. You, readers. You who take and make the time for us. The love and support is truly treasured by Alex and I. We treat this as our journal, no more… no less. We don’t feel pressured to post everyday (I know; already aware), or have “x” amount of followers, or this, that, and the other. All in all: we get the giddies knowing You are into it. We are forever fond of those who get it… those who are with it. You. We have literally danced off the face of the earth in the last few months… fretting not. We know our loyals realize the good that comes with long spouts of absence from the World Wide Web.

Come Fall [oh, that’s now eh?]… we’ll be we are back. Fresh and energized. Alex already has her perfectly tattered grandpa sweaters pulled out… detailed with Navajo prints and sweet soft leathers. That a gal, that a gaaaaal. Me… black, boots, and vintage ponchos.

So… cheers to you, cheers to me, cheers to we… Clink!


Xx love… Amy and Alex