Good morning world, it’s Wednesday. Wednesday? Ugh, why, what purpose does this wreched middle of the week day have, aside from the torture of my soul? Enough with the drama, “erthang’s gonna be aaa-ight” (I hear my uncle from Mississippi speaking through me). A nice hot cup of Morrocon Mint Green Tea, a cozy window spot and some MANIAMANIA and I’ll get through it. Designers Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis created this divine jewelry line, and accompanying campaigns (“Real Life Awaits Us” and “Dust”), as a way to honor “the mystical in all its incarnations and respects adornment as a modern luxury and mode of personal symbology and expression.” Sterling silver, oxidized brass, Quartz, Turquoise, and a little Shamanic Bowie inspiration, oh my!

I tend to find most of my prized pieces of jewelry scouring flee markets, and SF vintage/thrift spots, but I might have to step it up a notch, pay some real “dough” and invest in what could one day be considered a family heirloom…hey, I’m investing in my future (and the fact that my birthday is less than a month from now).

I think I’ve just found my fall uniform…a sheer, loose, oversized T, sparkly or printed leggings, a silk/velvet kimono and a shit ton of Mania.  

Xx Alex