My Sunday melodies always seem to be sweeter… softer… lighter…

I really do hope you take a moment for your ears sake, your soul will thank you.Bertrand Belin

Hey Rosetta!

The Hundred in the Hands

Wildbirds and Peacedrums

Imagine the combo of Sweedish indies Mariam (Wildbirds & Peacedrums) and Li (Lykke Li) banging the drums in collaboration…. at least watch 5:30 on, if only to agree with me. It makes me feel better on days like this… “you’re right”… magical.

Last night hasn’t happened in quite sometime. Alex and I went out and drank to our hearts discontent. Feeling the reeling this morning… lots of falling to the floor for the cold tile on the red cheeks. We did manage to get to the flea market… didn’t have the usual “I can transform that god awful thing into a god in awe thing.” I blame it on the boozing. We did bring home a leather hole punch and a set of paint brushes. Dear Bringer of the large over frosted fake Safeway cake that was placed in middle of bar… don’t ever do that.

Alex and I get in a cake fight (no…sadly, everyone just stared and didn’t join in… all the movies promised me a very different outcome) and nearly get ousted. Oyyy…. again…. feeling the reeling. videos all courtesy of LA BLOGOTHEQUEthank you for my Sunday medicine. 

Xx Amy