You little sneak, peaking into my latest works. Bahhh.

Oh great. Now I’ve joined that pool. You know, those people that coincidentally leave personals out in the open… strewn “casually” hoping someone will care enough to see, then turn right around and blame the eye that actually [gasp] saw something they hadn’t intended them too. Like that dramatic poem you spent a good year writing (which totally sucked) or that journal entry I read of yours while you were taking a 30 minute shower [shame on you]. Well, I forbid myself to swim with those assholes.

So… I am excited and delighted to hand deliver a glimpse from the latest shoot. A little somethin’ somethin’ from my collaboration with the lovely Rus last week. Billowy fabrics, texture, hats, scarves… color! What a joy it was to play with such saturated hues. More to come soon. Off to drink a bottle of wine and watch dark depressing indie films. Is there anything better? [____ Insert: “Yes, Amy, there most certainly is…” followed by the numerous options.]I’ll give you a quick review next time. Until then… bottoms up. 



photography: Rus Anson. syling: Amy Soderlind.model: Danielle Joshua assistants: Julia & Marzette.

This particular Bob song just won’t flee the brain… I pull out my egg shaker (properly named Justice) and stompin’ feet come a followin’ as I belt…“Got white skin, got assassin’s eyesI’m looking up into the sapphire-tinted skiesI’m well dressed, waiting on the last train…”Things Have Changed.Change is good in my book. Sweeet…. Alex just got home for the last drop. 

Xx Amy