Happiest of weekends to ya. Yesterday, Alex and I finally had an all day date. We were the definition of Gleeful. Flea markets, nursery sales [not babies… plants and herbs], paint and reconstruction of our loft in the studio(before and after photos to come soon)on a bottle of chilled white. Going for a Moroccan style reading room/sleeping nook…. maybe add a hookah here and there. Blues, reds, oranges…. it’s going to be just lovely. Do come by for tea eh?

This type of fit seems to be my go to as of late. Can’t take hats off, or scarves for that matter, keeping the uncontrollable mane I haven’t cut (for far too long) at bay is essential. Loose trousers [loving these vintage velvets] and a perfect silk blouse is all I crave. The necklace is an Ethiopian etched cross… haven’t gone anywhere without the gem.






wearing: all vintage. Sending all the love there is to give… go ahead and take it for the weekend.

Xx Amy Oooooh…. a very big side note. A beautiful reader of ours turned us on to this song… and she was right…. H.



S.S.Thank you Lucy!

Speaking of… her photography and blog is outrageously inspirational, go say hi and step into her dream land for a bit. Perfect time spent over your beverage of choice. As far as King Charles goes. I fell in love- you see, I have a fetish for dirty unkempt hair, head and facial alike. Enjoy!

King Charles from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.