Shit. Time… you are indeed a relentless little Rat. Not to be confused with a mouse, where depending on the nature of it’s visit, could be welcomed [you know, coming “of age”].

A Rat though, as good company… welcomed into your bubble of a life, “oh hey”… “hey”.  Head nods all around. Never. Intrusive. Invasive. No matter how bad-ass you think you are, rats get under the skin, forcing their existence no matter how deep the denial.

So, Time. Cheers to letting me get a head start… I’m hoping you’ll follow the majority of America, becoming addicted to fast food and eventually leading to morbid obesity. In the end, your uncanny inability to catch even my “I hate running” sluggish ass will leave all of us [those dreadfully fearful of rapid time lapses] full of joyous song. Rat. I blinked my eyes and the year has come to an end. What does make me happy… simple roads where Time feels out of place and decides to leave without dispute. My simple road: a small piece of land, a handcrafted home, a closet full of vintage global clothing, my horses roaming in the cherry tree orchard… and all my loved ones nearby. Ahhh….

Good thing I have Time. Love/Hate… the ever present Bitch in life. Ha. Happy Weekend to you… my computer loves. 


Xx Amy