I’ve traded my local coffee shop for a juicer….not quite willingly by the way. My body has forced me to take a step back, re-evaluate it’s intake, energy levels etc. This past holiday season I found myself in a flurry of ugly sweater parties, white elephant gift giving and massive amounts of alcohol and sweets. The  New Year, and my poor battered body tell me it’s time. “So fresh ‘n so clean” I sing, as I throw fresh fruit and veggies into my new stainless steel masterpiece.

Most of new years day was spent by the fire watching movies and then cooking a big pot of soup for a friend who has been very ill as of late. As I sat with this couple (in their late 60’s), listening to stories of their youth spent on Haight St. in the 60’s, making custom jewelry for people based on “their energy,” and hanging with the likes of Janis Joplin, I couldn’t help but be distracted by their home. The tell-tale signs of a life lived….old photos, family heirlooms, beautiful antiques, found objects and incredible crafts picked up through travel. Inspiration pouring from not only them but every corner of this magnificent little house in the woods. Yes, clothing can say heaps about a person but a home tells stories.

 All photos via The Selby Countdown is on. Leaving in less than a week for a six week adventure in Panama. Looking forward to the treasures that await. Who wants to pack for me?

Happy New Year!!

Xx Alex