I woke up. Everything was still… ready for me to fill the space with anything I wish. Silence. You can see it in the air… a distinct look, unlike either of it’s peers, Peace or Quiet. I’m relishing in being all alone today with Silence. First moment in quite a while; no obligations, nothing pressing, no one to tend to.  Car is dead, and I’m stuck at home alone. Alex is gone to Panama, and I have less than 3 weeks before leaving for Africa. I’m taking this time to myself.Just be. Read. Write. Relax the senses. It took a good week of recovery after NYE mayhem… no words, just intense. This year has already brought incredibly clear revelations both of myself and others. Conclusion? Everything feels so damn right. Exhaling with ease is rich. No feeling like sitting in bed while the sun rises.

Spent my early morning in bed reading and watching our family of deer demolish my gardening efforts. Can’t be mad though… can’t be angered.  Always happy to feed the family. 











Ok… Van Morrison has already broken the partnership of Silence and I… Welcomed with open arms from both of us. Peace and Love to you all. Hope 2011 is bringing in all that is meant to be…

Xx Amy