It’s 2am. I’ve had late night coffee… late night beer… late night water too. I sit now and listen to my lovely love write a song and strum the guitar. He’ll pause. Think. Whisper. Pounce on the perfect word. Tones are up, down, side to side. His voice never teetering from the perfection of depth and expression.

I tap my toes under the sheets.

We leave in the morning for our departure to Africa. It’s been a long month of needles, medications and trippy Malaria medicine that unfortunately will be joining us for the entirety of our trip. I just packed (very meticulously) ONE backpack for 8 weeks in 3 different countries. What takes the majority of space? Herbs, tonics, oils, and emergency natural remedies for anything and everything (that’s what I’m telling myself.)  I brought 8 headscarves.

Tomorrow I embark on a dream I have had since the tender age of 10.  






These beautiful earrings are made by an equally beautiful friend Grace… she’ll have a sweet shop up for purchases and custom orders soon. I promise, these are no ordinary feather earrings… I plan to live in these for all of Africa and the entirety of this Summer’s festival circuit. I’ll shout out her site when its up and ready. Ta Ta for now my lovelies. Alex will be headed home this week (missing each other by a few short days) and will certainly keep you posted on all things wonderful, including her recent epic trip to Panama.  Love to you all. See you in Spring!

Xx Amy