It’s been a week…really? Only a week since I’ve been home from my month long journey through Panama and already it seems like a distant memory. A fond one, but distant nonetheless. A month spent island hopping in the Carribean on bicycle, scooter, foot and the occasional surf board, touring coffee plantations in the highlands, soaking in natural hot springs, testing out my so-so Spanish, consuming incredible food and drink and perusing local craft markets, trying to restrain from buying everything in sight. All I have now is a library full of photos, several bags of organic Panamanian coffee, a few hand made crafts, and my little memory; all things will have to keep me going until….it’s like that last drop of water, have to savor it. Here’s a little photo diary of my past month spent in Panama. Outfit shots are seemingly non-existent….a few pairs of trusty sandals, bathing suit and a couple dresses to throw over were all that was needed. I packed poorly and at times wished for more variety in my tiny backpack but in the end, simplicity is key….although it is nice to come home to a closet full of options and loads of Fashion Week photos to catch up on. 

Traditional Molas (layered and embroidered fabric)made by the Kuna Indians

Kuna woman wrapping her legs in a continuous strand of beads

Casco Viejo (oldtown Panama City)

Ngobe children, Boquete, Panama

  Bocas Del Toro, PanamaThe past two days have been gloriously sunny, early signs of Spring? I’m hoping…xx Alex