Amy and I were contacted back in December to style a shoot with photographer Micaela Hoo of The Drifter and The Gypsy, to go alongside Papercut Magazine’s March 2011 vintage issue. Quite the fun shoot. Tromping through cow pastures, quick wardrobe changes in early morning fog, and getting lost in the serene backlands East of San Francisco, all while working with an incredibly professional and talented team. Check out the entire editorial here.

Photography: Micaela HooStyling: Alex Keenum and Amy SoderlindHair/Makeup: Joshua Conover for Look ArtistsModels: Leanna (JE Model) and Jason (City)Since returning from Panama life has consisted mostly of work, while stalking the newspaper for estate sales, yardsales and anyplace where I might find vintage treasures, and plenty of rainy day lounging with the boy have become my new favorite past times. C’mon April up your speed, festivals, Hawaian mini-vacations, and new creative ventures await.

I’ve received a handful of emails from Amy since she’s been off on her African adventure, and I’ll let her describe her time (if that’s even possible) spent in Ghana and Tanzania when she returns. But until then an insert from one of her emails sent a few weeks back….We left West Africa to awake in the East… completely different in every way possible. People, smells, Greenery, Energy, Arts…. to the left of me sits a women in very traditional Islamic garb… only her eyes I can (barely) see…. to my right sits a traditional Massaii…. Huge plates in the ears, lips stretched out with smaller plates, and more beads than Maya’s favorite bead store. The beauty! There is still a large population of Christians living among the Islamic and Tribal… dressed in colorful batik; always matching, always ready to praise God (and then ask for money…). West Africa was incredible, I am still settling with what lessons and knowledge it gave… we met family there, homes away from home… caring people that you have known for lifetimes and experiences that will forever be embedded in my heart.”The perfect note to end this post.xx Alex