I’m back in the good ol’ red white and blue of America.

Does it feel good?

Neither nor. It feels simply sterile. Clean and pleasing. Empty buildings remain open with electricity in full force, far after all have shut the last eye. Vacuums suck up our seemingly harmful debris. Herbs and super foods flourish with abundant promise to rid the newest disease scare. Soils are abundantly rich, water superfluous (at least we pretend), and life can be fed from our 12×12  front deck. These are the little big things that shock an American that has just spent 9 weeks in Africa. How do you sum up a relatively short trip into a continent where the origin of the first human was discovered. Where slavery flourished and became a commodity trade. Where genital mutilation is still practiced regularly. Where warfare still is expected to erupt unexpectedly. Where people radiate with such astounding beauty and light…. no matter what their personal life has served on their plate. Sights of deep perseverance and hope give 24 hour goosebumps. Strangers become family in an instant.

Human connection is the deepest most simple ingredient. Screw language barriers, politics, have’s and have not’s… connecting with an elder of 110 years old, holding hands and smiling souls: that’s it.”American soldiers killed my family… why?”…. “for oil”.  Hugs and tears.

I miss my newfound family tremendously. While I take back lessons that will continue to teach even in my absence,  I pursue my passions in my own country with a profound calmed peace. I feel blessed. Blessed to come home to support, to opportunity, to rich organic vegetables, loving friends and open doors.

I took over 2500 photos… here are just a few of my favorites.

Xx Amy