The time finally came. I packed up and moved on.

Boxes were taught with treasures collected over the years, photos with significant importance, rocks that were a special shape (though no one would know it) and simply couldn’t be tossed. I realized after packing up the U-haul, everything I own can be carefully packed into 14 feet of space and a old run down rodeo… I was also slightly disgusted with my sentimental bullshit.”toss it!” -they would shout.”but that was the receipt from the ticket I bought 3 years ago to that one show… remember?”.yuk.

Now that I am in a new space, I find myself haphazardly chucking items out the door, finding way to their own demise. “Moving In” sale is much more fun.

While I leave this Redwood sanctuary pensively… I do simultaneously move forward with the profound love of new chapters and clean slates. I’ve found my perfect country cottage only an hour away from my San Francisco city life. Gypsy at heart, I love change. I sit here in my new little window nook, looking at the chickens roost around the gardens, frogs sing on the foggy pond waters, wood burning stove- while small- ferociously crackles away at it’s fresh meal.

Projects fill the calendar, festivals consume my mind, and the hunt for the perfect bus still remains the lead of my priorities.

Just got finished with an incredible collaboration with favorite creative minds Rus Anson and Joshua Conover. Really looking forward to sharing the final product. 10 page editorial spread for a very exciting magazine. Film crew came along for a documentary and short fashion film. Energy comes from working with amazing people on projects you feel true passion for. Screw coffee… send me Rus and Josh!

Today, I leave you with mostly black and white’s, all of these move me today, hopefully in directions of  unpacking square cardboard boxes.

Love to you all. 

Xx Amy