3rd cup of Joe. Headed to work. Pulling for a shoot I’m styling on Wednesday for We Like We Love magazine. Getting myself in the creative groove isn’t always so easy. Today i’m counting on Allman Bros and company glued in my ears as I rock out in various boutique and thrift racks. Car is broken down (again) soooo….

Off I go…. thumb in toe. Ha. Happy Monday to all you lovelies. 

Bag- BaliBelt- Vintage/ Wasteland SFPlatforms- VintageSkirt- ZaraTurban Scarf- VintageGlasses- Painted Bird SFPhotography- Lauren Goodman

Walk along the river … sweet lullabyIt just keeps on flowin’ … it don’t worry ’bout where it’s going … no, noDon’t fly Mister blue bird I’m just walkin’ down the roadEarly mornin’ sunshine tells me all I need to know. 

Xx love from San Francisco-Amy