A few days ago Last Week I styled an editorial for WeLikeWeLove.

Whaaaaat. Am I the only one Time gets time and time again?

Dang… it must be workin’ out. Time’s been running faster and harder than ever before and leaving me in a slight… stupor. I am finally understanding why my lovely senior citizen friends (if you don’t have some, get some… quick) grumble about “enjoying it while it lasts, it will be gone before you know it.”I miss childhood, where a day seemed like a week and a full year was incomprehensible. Back to the point.

These Polaroids were taken by dear (and very talented) friend and photographer Ashley Gordon. She came and assisted with lighting and prep for styling, all the while documenting behind the scenes.

We shot through the night, chasing what light we could until 9:30.8 looks in 3 hours. Never done that before… don’t really want to again.  A success nonetheless. We were already in Napa Valley for the shoot… you know we went straight for some pinot after. I’ve been joining my hats and scarves together in holy matrimony as of late. 

My love has left for the week for river adventures with the guys. I’m diving into proposals for shoots, casting models, and creating stories for upcoming editorials with creative friends. Got my stack o’inspirations to peruse while I get me some tan on. Happy day to you. love from San Francisco

Xx Amy