My mother bought me this guitar on my 18th birthday. Ma’ has always placed anything(and everything) in my hands that could bridge the gap between imagination and vision to the actual act of creative outlet. “here, take these brushes“, “there, play the piano“, “sing!“, “learn your anatomy-life drawing class” (I was far too young to be drawing naked strangers)… ahh, so blessed to have her as mine. Don’t mind the matter of my age now… but I will say I have had this beaut for some-time. Handmade with inlays of Northern California abalone shell. Honestly… I’m just happy to look at it. While I would love to boast about my mad skills, they don’t go far past basic cords and some strum-a-lum when I have the moments. This (along with sharpening my harmonica skills) is one of many summer goals. My new place is too small for a separate art studio… so I’ve set up my easels and tables amongst the oaks and fushia’s on our property. A perfect place to pour a glass of your poison (be it as you please) and sketch, paint, sew, sing, strum… this has become my happy place. Work hasn’t seemed to slow… jobs are stacking; shoots, video short films, beauty editorials and shoe/bag campaigns all planned in the month of August. I need a breather. Today was a breath… a big fresh inhale. Tomorrow I shall exhale.  My friends came to visit my country cottage from the city; we frolicked around the pond and packed baskets full of all things fresh from our vomiting garden. I love the people in my life… truly, thankful everyday. 

I may just follow these fella’s lead and try a cabbage/dishbrush combo. 

Plants and Animals – A Take Away Show – Feedback in the Field from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Xx love from San Francisco Amy