My dear old friend sent me this Album. Brotherhood of the Sun. I was completely taken. Taken by the sheer magnitude of happiness and honesty. You really can see it… honesty and happiness that is. You feel it in your bones. Mmmmm. Goodness.  Every photo made me smile high with personal thoughts of who I was looking at. Then I found myself just staring…dreaming…smiling.

It’s the little things… always the little things. Today, they came by way of Mehosh Michael Dziadzio’s exquisite photos.  My mother lived on a commune in her 20’s as an artist and singer. I grew up in her arms listening to tales and stories and meeting her crazy hippie friends that would roll through our lives from time to time. “so and so is staying for the summer”…. “so and so has decided to move in with her kids for a bit.”I grew up with 3 older brothers and HEAPS of Aunties and Uncles. Mehosh says….

“Back in the seventies I lived on a commune for seven years. My job was to document the various aspects of our lifestyle and share it with those who may have been seeking the same, by taking a slideshow on the road to college campus’s and New Age expositions. At it’s peak , the community reached a population of around 350 men, women and children. This album is dedicated to premise that it is possible to live together in peace, once we realize that we are all brothers and sisters under one God, whatever we conceive him or her to be. Now, more than ever does this concept seem more relevant and necessary, if we are going to continue to thrive on this planet Earth.”

©Mehosh Photography 1975

Xx love from San Francisco Amy