Ahhh madness I tell ya. My weeks have all collided together… deciding (behind my back ) they would conjure up a real master piece of a mess. Well shit, touche’. Got me. Here I am. Up at 4am, home at 9pm… sleeping on couches. Busing, Ferry-ing, Car breaking down yet again.  I had it. No more. Got a new baby parked in my little narrow driveway. That’s correct… got rid of the beast. Had her since I was 16, it was time. Love hate and everything in between. We’ve experienced it all. Like your first love that never gets out of your life;  “Damn him!” “I love him!” “Get out!” “Please stay!?” “Who am I without you?!”

You follow?

Ahh, after the last breakdown (while on job with precious cargo) in the middle of downtown SF, I have decided to give her up to the greater good of car gods. Let her go once and for all… ooooh good times, good times. Here are a few snaps from the tele, mostly taken to and from my commute… back home on the Mendocino coast, camping with my love and fence hoping to play with little ponies. pulsing my eardrums as I speak/write…


Buck 65 | Part 1 (Gee Whiz) | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Xx love from San Francisco