Happy middle of the week to you all. Does Middle feel better than Beginning or the crowd pleaser, End?

Monday brings a dreaded fresh start… Wednesday gives way to crappy shit happenings from the two days before and Friday- Friday allows all those pathways of escape to open up, in hopes of forgetting the week all together. Pick your poison I suppose. I choose Friday. She’s always been a pal. Steadfast but still knows me well enough to fill my daily do’s with surprises and gasping moments. Beer cracked, book open, shades on (and actually doing their job, for I am basking in sun, somewhere out there…), and tunes thumping lightly (not a heavy bass kinda gal). Today I spend my hours doing very unpleasant things,  things that time should never be spent on. I woke up and started towards the fridge (usually I head straight for bertha the kettle, eyes still closed, cooooffffeee)… my love watching me in amusement…  Whaaaat? Too early for a drink?”

Ames, it’s 7am”. Riiiight.”  Already trying to find my ideal escape from this dreaded Wednesday. Vodka is of no help this particular morning. Dentist. Drilling. Bill paying over frozen up i-phone during drill bit changes and spit suckage intermission. Ouuuy. One of these days, it won’t be long… eh Neil? Thanks for the reminder. I’m no pessimist.  All is not lost. Good news came a few days back, as one of my recent shoots made the cover of We Like We Love Magazine.Check in out and leave them some Love over there in Canada. Many thanks to the team over at WLWL!

Back to it I go. I leave you with some of my favorite black and whites of the week. Courtesy of SOTBM. x

Xx love from San Francisco