Oh Heeeeeyy There Friend.

I’d love to start this jumble o’ jargon by apologizing for my extreme delinquency as of late…but I’m not – not sorry one bit-  choosin’ to stay sincere. I have thoroughly enjoyed my detachment from the la la land of inter web addiction. I’ve been booked in the city the last 5 weeks straight… Eerily early mornings- leaving my love and my little piece of land while it’s still dark. Moon is still out,  wonder why I don’t do this more… it’s somethin’ else waking when the stars and crescent still fill the sky… little o’ sunshine hasn’t even winced an open eye. Doing this for the 14th morning in a row… a bit of a mind f*ck. This weekend has been the first in quite a few- waking up at (gasp) 8am, lazy breakfast and garden wandering, Freestone visit to the glorious and equally glutinous Wildflour bakery. My love and I jumped in the mobile, pushed play to Jackson Browne, and set off to get some ocean air 15 miles West. Instantly grounded. The last few weeks have been harder than the norm. While I feel an optimistic nature is usually sky high for me, I felt down and beaten. Cliche of when it rains… you know. Transitions my dear friends, transitions. Getting my system in order again; my essential balance is in check after a few days of hibernating nature side with my man.

Xx love from San Francisco