I’ve been runnin’ with the rats. A Rats race you ask? Eh, not so much… more of a happy scurry.

Feverishly jumping mid stride in pure happiness, from this trash can to that golden sewer over there. Oh the JOY!

This past week has been (searching for perfect word….)…….. Delightful. Yes. I wish I could share with you the on-goings of my recent journeys. Maybe I’ll come up with some sort of strange poem that gives way to the dots for your little red pen to connect. For now…. I am resting from my travels to the East Coast. Nestled back in my cottage nook in these whispering woods. Oh how I love this fall encroaching on winter air. Makes me peaceful and energized all in one sweep. That’s talent right there, tip of the hat to you October.

A few shots from our street perusing in Philly. And no, that second shot… I’m no pisser in public. A squatting rest  is all.

SWOONING. Head to Toe in love…. please watch and tell me your thoughts.


(Off to Saks Fifth Avenue to hold an event for Jimmy Choo… come on over if you please.)

Xx love from San Francisco