Hypocrite. Damned be I. I’ve fallen into my own hole of personal hell no’s. This new years brought a few resolutions: Harmonica mastering and setting 1 week of the month to create for myself and not others. I’ll blame it on the moving (yes, again… we packed up and moved), the working, the jivin’ and the shakin’. And while I can moan about the disaster of moving in winter… We found our dream… so I’ll just shut my mouth and be grateful.

An old water tower turned refurbished home on 33 acres of Vineyards, Roses, and Oak Trees.  Heaven comes when you’ve found peace with what you have. When you aren’t anxiously struggling with life’s have’s and have not’s. *Plop… life delivers what you never knew you really wanted.

When I keep myself true and balanced, unexplainable goodness drops into my mouth for a hefty chew.

This is why…. my dear friends, I make a vow to take that week to me and myself. That’s how my balance remains. I know better. So, whilst perusing for water tower interior decor ideas, I came across some favorites I had to share. One of these days I’l get some style pics up here, one of these days. Love you all. Wishing you a beautiful and prosperous 2012.

Excited. Peacefully excited for what I know will come into fruition. Below: Dearest Grace and I on a “trip” to the snow… where it wasn’t snowing. (Taken by my brilliant friend photographer Ashley Gordon.)

via: bohemian shoebox, sisters of the black moon.