No matter how deep-or how shallow-the love I hold for clothing….

After working with it for sometime… days/weeks/months on end, nips/tucks/pins/arranging/pairing/fitting/thinking about another white pleated pant/arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr—I just want to live naked.

So.I leave colorless cold Seattle (I do love you, but not today, you are cold and distant and I didn’t bring a coat) and fly to home in the hopes of a cloth-less weekend.

Saw this band, The Head and The Heart, last week at the incredible Fillmore in San Francisco. I had heard their album for the past year… but live… live? Mind blowing. Gal is a bit of a tweeker, but she’s got a voice I dig. I prefer both men when they are shagged and bearded… but hey, thats my issue.