For the first time I can pass on the blame with no shame. I’ve been over and out, off the Internet all in all… and unfortunately I have no tales of far travels, painfully perfect new experiences or camping in the desert with only a shoe and can of beans. Soon come on all of those…. be sure of it.

But no… my absentee status can be blamed on a rodent Internet squatter that took my site and turned it into a Caribbean cruise ship land O’ links. Well F you. F you for the money that I spent to get it back and your unresponsive/i’ll take my time nature. That’s it.

I’m done. Let it go, move on, sing a song and laugh your curses. Instead I sing praise for those that deserve it. The team at the incredible shoe collection interweb spot, Ashbury Skies. I was beyond joyous when they asked me to collaborate for the Summer Loobook. Check them out please. Seriously some real gems (not to mention the shoes)…

It feels reeeaaaaaallll good supporting the good.


x. Amy

Thank you to this special being, who shared this song. They lyrics… they touch. Indeed they do.