I’ve been driving hard. topless car… packed full O’ goods… beautiful company to my left (she never let me take the wheel) swerving down the California coast.

Sang aloud to Fleetwood Mac. I took my top off in the topless (its only appropriate…and she appreciated it deeply, the grandest gesture I could offer for her services)… peaced driver-by’s with a smile and, er, rather flat chest. Free. Little cottage for two. Beautiful friends, open air concerts on the sand… and back home (12 hours) I came.

Today… i sit on the hot redwood porch watching my love plant seedlings from the greenhouse into the ground. I admire our passion for animal dung, i’ve lost count how many times I’ve blessed its “doer-good” heart.

what did you get this time?!”

“Bat guano!”


If only we could all have a lil more dung in us… ohhhh how we would nourish one and all.  New pup lays at my feet. looking like he needs an anti-depressent… though I have learned this is just his mellow mood. These photos are all I have to say today. Listen Jessie Ware below. Please and thank you.

photos VIA


love and more love.