Last night I entered a talent show. I waited my turn.

Patiently. Two are before me. A 2 year old that played the violin. An old man singing falsetto. Next up… me.  Anxious.  I stand. I stare. I stand straight and stare hard at the audience. Blank face. Exuding nothing-ness. I don’t have a talent-less.  Roaring applause. “that was the most original talent performance I have ever seen… nothing!”  … says the 2 year old.

I run away. Fast. Don’t stop till I wake myself up.  A dream or a nightmare I haven’t yet decided. So, I post one of my favorite talents out there. High hopes my next sleep session has me sounding this good next time round…. Kiwanuka: Lasan on I believe I am feeling talented in this moment…