Thinkin’ bout Men.

Maybe its the extra dark coffee in this camping mug I sip from. Maybe its the wool blanket on the old rocking chair I sit on while sipping. Perhaps its the eggs tatter breakfast I just inhaled, the hound dog at my feet, or the bearded -old levis wearing- big haired blue eyed man that I love. This morning I’ve had it with the ladies…. time to get my hands dirty in some good old traditional menswear.

Happy to do it.

A friday off… playing in the dirt. finishing a painting… and then off to take my 7 year old niece horse shopping…  this is my happiness, and today, it comes early.

Love to you all. Hope the day is sweet and the weekend long.


… found this musician, Aaron Embry, camped out on our land. He stole my shirt and hat… with no invite proceeded to play the morning away. Thank god for Vimeo and the Internet. Rude, but it still pleases me. 


Aaron Embry – When All Is Gone from In the Open on Vimeo.


Aaron Embry – Raven’s Song from In the Open on Vimeo.

xx Amy