Its that time. I use to only wear sequins during the month of October. Now… I can’t see stopping… its following me to the weee months of spring and possibly even summer. Can’t believe I just said that… never been much for glitz or glam, but paired with hard boots and ripped/scuffed/torn apart anything…. I like. A lot. This friday i’ll be in Big Sur, partying down with my favorite friends family… head to toe in sparkling regalia, dancin’ on the cliffs… arms waving aimlessly, feet and knees a knockin’. Overboard if I go completely head to toe? I think not. Shine on, I say, Shine on.


No doubt two of the biggest talents to grace this earth to date… Delaney and Bonnie… Heavily in rotation in our abode… take a listen for some real soul-shakin-groovy-rock-blues.