This post comes way of the 10th day. 10 days I’ve had Orvis (a dear old hat friend… slightly faded, perfectly green, slender yet wide… deliciously curvy in all the right places)atop my head.

Here I am. Day 10… sitting in bed with tea, boxer briefs made for gals… and Orvis hanging head high. No ugly here. Orvis hides it all. What a guy, what a pal… and whats best? He has abilities…stained, ripped, dirty, confusing, all together messy….whallla…. boom.

He makes any mish-mash outfit look intentionally brilliant.

Hat Magic.

I suddenly look much better than I did without.And here, to the ladies that leave stains and confusing at home… bless you all.

(It is very hard to fly in a hat. Leaning back is hard enough as it is… best bring a case.)



thank you Rus for this….