Winter has just now graced me with it’s assertive and overbearing self. Through the last few months, i’ve enabled my mind to turn just about any weather on its head and dance on top of it… laughing. All my taunting did no good this time… Karma’s a bitch, or so they say. No more laughs here.

The cold has come for me… this means one thing. Every year. Same. Run. Do not dare face it. It will destroy you Me. I run hard, I run fast…. in fact, I train solid through the months of October and November for this very moment (also, I’ve never been a strong runner, awkward quite frankly). Get me somewhere else. Somewhere unbearably bearably hot. I am in continual awe of those that live nearly year round in this abrasive and rather selfish COLD. No giving, all taking. Don’t get me wrong, i’m a fan of curling, cuddling, tea time-ing, wool socking, movie nightings, fallen trees and musical rains… but really…. there’s a line. By December (its just getting started, no?) It’s been crossed. No more. No can do. Ticket purchased. Farewell my sweet Winter months. I’m gone. This time round…. Bali. While i’m an advocate for the new, for the unexplored… my run was so good here last time, I must return for a few more miles. Here I give way to shedding the layers, shaking out the heavy, getting lighter through and through. Bye bye blacks. Toot a loo grey matter. Burn the tights. Stow the socks…. This is all I dream of…. 9 days and counting.

yep… pretty much sums it up… leave it to Margaux Lonnberg…WATCH IT dammit 🙂


A sunny song…..


And for the rainy, cold,  and windy….


xx Amy