Ello. My fingers are dripping on this here computer keyboard…. The humidity has cleansed me clean… and really, this Bali weather love has me shining from within. My hair has grown a foot… my nails are shooting to the stars, and my skin is as damp and soft as a baby’s bum. Damn Bali… bring it on. Now, I see/think/dream in Red’s. All this green has me thinking in Complimentary colors…. every red blossom has me standing in trance… dumb even. Mouth open, eyes crossed, smirk that does not move. I have yet to upload any of the beauty and experiences that have been held close in my pocket… soon come. I have much to share already… Be happy with what’s on your back. That’s my daily lesson here. Be blessed and show others you care…through a smile, through an eye that lingers longer than usual, through a head nod… all the little things, all the little things. Ladies in red… Thank you for the POP.

xx Love from Bali. Amy